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September 29, 2020 By: Jean Finks
Porgy and Bess from the Metropolitan
I had DVR'd a production of Porgy and Bess from the Metropolitan Opera back in February.  Finally watched it a week or so ago, and I cannot get the music out of my head.  A superb cast and production, and complete with some politically incorrect words and staging, but as the Gershwins wrote it..
How have you kept up your appreciation of music during this pandemic?  I signed up with Disney + just to see and hear HAMILTON.  Then I got a blockage in my hearing which hampered hearing it well.  I want to watch again as soon as my eustachian tube behaves.  My ear/nose/throat doctor recommended vocalizing, but that alone did not work. 
Hope you are all well and coping okay with Covid 19.  A friend suggests that we are all in our own "concentration" camps.  She blames it on our perceived incarceration, lack of healthy stimulation, oxygen, poor eating, little exercise.. She thinks we have retooled a concentration camp to mean a place in our heads where we keep concentrating on the same @#$%^, over and over again, until our brains are polluted.  It is time to evict whatever or whoever has become a tenant in our head. 
Stay well, everybody.